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UTi's EMS devision goes private as of November 1 2013

UTi Worldwide Inc, which is a non-assets based public company decides sell off its EMS division as itís core focus on contract logistics . As result UTi Canada Contract Logistics Inc. has transferred the ownership of the assets of Span Manufacturing business division to Mr. Tharma Kumar who has led the EMS division for more than 25 yrs as VP and Director of Manufacturing  Operations.  The new entity Span Manufacturing Inc, will continue its operating from our current location with new telephone & email addresses.
Span Manufacturing Ltd & Unigistix Inc Combines and forms UTi Canada Contract Logistics Inc. (January 1 2011)
Span Manufacturing Ltd and Unigistic Inc, are subsidiaries of UTi Worldwide Inc in Canada. Both   combined to form UTi Canada Contract Logistics Inc to their enhance  operations and for strategic business reasons.
Span Group Joins Forces with UTi Worldwide Inc., (November 6 2006)

Span International Joins Forces with UTi Worldwide Inc., We are very pleased to announce that Span Manufacturing Ltd., has joined forces with UTi Worldwide Inc as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Like Span, UTi operates with a passion for the customer and a vision to be the premier logistics provider in their market sectors, employing global resources when required by their clients. Additional details on UTi are ava
Milestones & Highlights prior to UTi Purchase

Span signs a collaboration agreement with Danzas-AEI, to provide total integrated logistics solutions and support the global logistics needs of customers.

Span is selected by Johnson Controls to provide turnkey global logistics for it's global subsidiaries. North Penn site is expanded.

Span launches a 3rd Party Logistics facility in Huntsville, Alabama in response to a growing demand from its customers to support Daimler Chrysler

Span is selected by Visteon to provide 3rd party logistics for it' new plant in Monterrey. Mexico

Span is selected by Delphi Electronics as 3rd party logistics provider. Span launches a 50,000 sq ft facility in Reynosa, Mexico to support 5 Delphi plants in Reynosa and Metamoras.

Span is selected by General Instruments (now Motorola) as 3rd party logistics provider in Nogales, Mexico. A 50,000 sq ft facility is launched.

Span launches a 3rd Party HUB facility in Guadalajara in response to a growing demand from its customers.

Span is selected by Northern Telecom (now Solectron) as 3rd party logistics provider for its' Monterrey site. Span launches a 30,000 sq ft facility in Monterrey, Mexico.

Span is selected by IBM (now Solectron) to provide 3rd party logistics in Austin, Texas. Span launches a 10,000 sq ft facility.

Span do Brazil is incorporated.

Span launches a 40,000 sq ft facility North Penn, PA to implement a VMI material flow supply chain strategy at the Visteon North Penn, Pennsylvania facility near Philadelphia.

Span launches a 40,000 sq ft site in Chihuahua, Mexico to implement a VMI material flow supply chain strategy at Altec Electronics, the wholly owned subsidiary of Visteon.

Recognizing the significant improvements in productivity, manufacturing cycle times, and achievement of cost reductions, Ford Electronics (now Visteon) invites Span to install similar operations in support of it's major electronics manufacturing sites in USA, Mexico, Brazil and Spain.

Span pioneers the use of EDI and develops proprietary IT systems to automate transactions efficiently and accurately in a 3rd party warehousing environment and provide win-win-win solutions.

Recognizing that North American automotive industry needed to incorporate lean manufacturing techniques, Span pioneers the development of Just-in-Time material supply methodologies that would cost effective to the OEMs and the supplier base .

Working closely with Ford Electronics in Toronto (now Visteon) Span develops a cost effective value added model for Just-in-Time materials flow. Success leads to rapid expansion of the Span system and recognition from Ford HQ in Dearborn.

Founded in Toronto, Canada

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